CX Trends 2022

High-performing companies drive growth with customer service—we’ll show you how. We took data from over 97,000 Zendesk customers across 21 countries and found that the majority of high-performing companies drive their bottom line growth with one essential factor - customer service.

Join our event series to get actionable advice from CX practitioners and industry experts so you can be a force for change in your customer service. Hear how top-performers are thriving, and get actionable takeaways for driving growth.

Check the country sessions below, featuring your local Zendesk team and customers, in your local language, or click the button below to register for United Kingdom & Ireland / EMEA event on Tuesday, 15th of February, at 10:30AM GMT (11:30AM CET)

Country sessions

Join our country sessions, featuring your local Zendesk team and customers, in your local language.

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Join our host Erica Faltous, Director of Communications at Zendesk as she dives deeper into the CX Trends for 2022 in an engaging discussion with a regional panel of Zendesk Customers and CX Leaders sharing their views on driving business growth through Customer Service and on how to become a high-performing support organisation.

Rejoignez nous pour découvrir comment adapter votre expérience client face aux changements en cours, et écoutez le retour d’expérience et les enjeux 2022 de nos clients.

Seien Sie unser Gast und entdecken Sie alles rund um die neuesten Customer Experience Trends. Neben spannenden Kunden-Einblicken, erwartet Sie Deutschlands energischster Digitalisierungsexperte und Strategieberater - Sascha Lobo. Inspiration und Impulse für ihr Business garantiert. Wir freuen uns auf Sie! 

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During this virtual event you will hear from speakers from the Middle East, Africa and Europe their views, experiences, stories and practical takeaways.

Unitevi a noi per ricevere gli ultimi aggiornamenti sull'esperienza clienti, necessari per affrontare i cambiamenti, e per ascoltare uno dei nostri clienti che ci racconterà come il loro team è riuscito a rimanere agile in questi tempi difficili.

Únete a nosotros para obtener las últimas actualizaciones de la experiencia del cliente necesarias para afrontar los cambios y escuchar a uno de nuestros clientes contar cómo su equipo ha conseguido mantenerse ágil en estos difíciles momentos.

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